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Natural Slate Flooring

Tired of your floors looking dull? At Harri James we create the most beautiful flooring using natural slate tiles and slabs. Slate has the ability to bring unique and powerful beauty to a flooring installation as well as it's huge benefit of functional durability, making the product perfect for both indoors or outdoor use.

Slate is one of the strongest natural stone flooring materials, it has inherent durability making it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks and chips. As slate is non-porous adding a sealer onto the completed flooring will avoid any stains, helping its natural beauty last for decades.

There are two colours available in our flooring tiles, these are 'graphite black' and 'elterdale grey green'. These tiles have a natural riven surface, making it both practical and 'non-slippery', perfect for either wet or dry environments. The tiles can be placed in a variety of patterns ranging from opus, pinwheel, farmhouse, brick, French and many more, making any floor produced a one of a kind work of earth-born artistry.

Natural stone and slate flooring are great for transmitting, if not retaining heat. This means that our flooring is perfect to use above underfloor heating systems, not only making the floor toasty but also the surrounding environment, as heat rises up throughout the space. Other purposes for our slate tiles also include splash backs, fire surround, bathroom walls, feature walls and cladding.

Slate is considered to be a relatively upscale flooring material and it has the ability to add real estate value to an entire home. This is especially true when installing into locations such as the kitchen and bathroom. For ideas, or a viewing of our completed work from previous customers, see our photos below.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or queries you may have and for a free quote with no obligations.

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